Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Make Money Using Google's AdSense: Top 10 Lists of Tips and Tricks

What do you usually do with a top 10 list of tips and tricks? If you are like most of us, you usually scan through them quickly and don't let each idea sink in and think about it for more than a few seconds.

I would like for you to slowly go through these next 10 Steps to Increase Your Page Views and look at what you could be doing to increase your page views. These are all very simple tips and steps for you to follow.

Are you still wondering why I feel page views are so important? To understand how much you earn using Google's AdSense as explained here at Google AdSense Support. It reads that the Google ads you are able to display on your content pages can be either cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-1000-impressions (CPM) ads, while AdSense for search results pages show exclusively CPC ads. This means that advertisers pay either when users click on ads, or when the advertiser's ad is shown on your site. You'll receive a portion of the amount paid for either activity on your website. Although we don't disclose the exact revenue share, our goal is to enable publishers to make as much or more than they could with other advertising networks.

Now stop and think about the value of extra page views and what it will do for your Google's AdSense revenue and your blogs popularity. When you fully understand this, you will want to implement these ideas for your blog or website so you too can be earning higher paying Google AdSense ads. The more traffic (page views) you have on your site the higher the cost to the advertiser and this will equal higher revenue for you.

Are you ready for to go through the 10 steps to increase your page views?
10 Steps to Increase Your Page Views

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